Welcome To His Kingdom Hub

The vision of His Kingdom Hub is to allow God’s people to be joined in His Word to share, receive, equip, inform, help, and encourage one another.  The Hub’s mission is to be a resource center both spiritually and naturally to link God’s people together to experience the “fullness” of His glory so they can go out strengthened in His Kingdom purpose.

Ezekiel 1 and 10 mirror the heart of His Kingdom Hub.  Taking the form of a wheel created in Covenant, God’s children are connected in Him, and then each other: shoulder to shoulder in all four corners of His tabernacle that reach the ends of the earth.

Ezekiel 10:9,10 “And when I looked, there were four wheels by the cherubim, one wheel by one cherub and another wheel by each other cherub; the wheels appeared to have the color of a beryl stone.  As for their appearance, all four looked alike-as it were, a wheel in the middle of a wheel.”

As God reveals to each of His remnant their identity, position, and calling in His Kingdom, we will advance in unity, strength and purpose to prepare for the return of the Commander in Chief; Jesus.  Surrendered to His service and moving in His heartbeat as a unified army, God’s people will be able to position themselves in all areas of influence in this world with His love, authority, righteousness, and truth.


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His Kingdom Hub

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